Nsv Junior College

NSV group of  institutions are continues its journey with expansion of the qualitative education by Dr. Muduganti Naveen Reddy garu in the city of Jagtial. There are number of junior colleges in the city , But only some colleges so called famous, Here NSV junior college among them. And it has a lot events in which every parent and child can find their interest and special attention by choosing NSV junior college.

NSV always focuses on excellent opportunities for students grow in any field and make them extremely competitive and inspiring with the college environment. In addition to it assures that strict vigilance over the discipline and performances of the students in order to inculcate the moral values to turn them better future citizens.

NSV Junior college invite the students from various groups in the stream of arts and science such as MPC,BIPC and CEC and The special provision for exclusive intensive IIT&NEET coaching with determined faculty to accelerate the success of the students.

Its been organized periodical assessment of the students performance with the well-defined student centered strategies by the experienced and expertise subject faculty and also the college has good facilities such as library ,computer labs and different subject related labs etc.