Laboratories teaching provides the good learning experience among students and laboratory training is required to develop skills necessary for study and research.

Nsv specially contributes effective laboratory teaching , apart from this its providing  experimental experience to grow them intellectuality among students.


Commerce is a word which represent activities that relates to the buying and selling of goods and services.

Laboratory is a place where the students can learn about exchange of commodities .By using the commerce laboratory, Students perfected their practical experience through the theoretical knowledge. In addition with, students carry on more experiments like, JAM sessions, stock exchanges, trading, and group discussions related to business activities for understanding the practical difficulties while running a business profitably. Through the commerce lab, Students involve in the business discussions followed by meeting corporate leaders and taking their interviews.

Here , NSV organizes special drives ,projects and presentations for & B.B.A students to improve their business skills among students by using the laboratory on a regular basis. And also conducts industrial tour for every year, in order to enrich the knowledge over the business activities.


Students are made to learn practical ability to do experiments and analyze data is usually acquired through practice and experience.

Physics lab is mandatory to the students to gain practical experience for solving many problems and practice is essential to being able to make the connection between theory and experience.

The import goal of the physics lab is to learn how to be observant, and to deal theoretical aspects before involving in the concerned practicals.


Chemistry lab had a specious room having good infrastructure to deal with the projects for the students.

The lab has all the required chemicals for experiments to develop research ability among the students.


Computer laboratory  is the largest infrastructure in the college and it has a lot of computers installed with the internet access, to cater needs of students from various combinations.

The  laboratory plays vital role in every students life and it enhance the scientific technological research and invention capacity of the students.

Learning basic computer skills will help students to define career goals , entrepreneurship and job opportunities for the future survival in the modern society.

Botany and zoology lab:

English Language lab: