Chairman Message

Dr Muduganti Naveen Reddy

NSV group of institutions are carved a niche for itself from KG to PG in the heart of Jagtial district. It was created to meet out the demands of the rural and urban areas, and since the establishment of these institutions,   it has shown a splendid commitment to innovation and to serving the needs of the society.

The colleges and schools are relentlessly striving to maintain excellence in academics besides encouraging students to develop the hidden talent by participating in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. The main motive of these institutions is to inculcate moral and cultural values among the students.

We are proud of our innovative ideas and positive approaches in every sphere of activity. As a chairman of these prestigious NSV group of institutions, my focus will be on refining our strategic direction and identifying opportunities for growth. We are constantly responding to the challenges in the educational era by defining our strengths and building our distinctive character and identity. We are committed to recruiting teaching and non-teaching faculty members who can assist us in transforming these challenges into opportunities, and who are also willing to walk with us in the constant search for quality, efficiency and new opportunities which are indeed our highest ideals.

We can make these institutions a unique one by generating new ideas that will benefit society and educate people. I am highly impressed by the enthusiasm that our staffs show by their commitment to the ideals that will help us achieve our vision of being a student-centred institution.

If you wish to reach the great heights in your life. we not only tech you how to do it, but also help you how to achieve it.

It is my great privilege to welcome you to NSV GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS.

I wish all of you a fulfilling and empowering journey ahead.