Sriramula Gouthami (2013-2016)

Sriramula Gouthami

Assistant professor in statistics at TS Gurukulam

NSV group of institutions is one of the prominent institutions. I am glad to be an alumna of NSV. It is a prudent institution. Which is indispensable to a pioneer. Teachers are diligent in their work. I am thankful to all the faculty who considerate for
my studies.

Kondabathini Manasa-(2012-2015)

Kondabathini Manasa

Assistant professor at Ts Gurukulam

I’m K Manasa, working as a DL in Physics at TTWRDC(W), Khammam. I have got selected for the recruitment of TTWREIS-2019 As soon as she finished her Masters in Osmania campus by 2017. NSV has given me an essential foundation to achieve my goal. I’m very much thankful to the dynamic administrator Sri M.Naveen Reddy Garu and all the teaching and non-teaching staff of NSV who supported me directly and indirectly to achieve my goal. Whenever I get free time, I used to go to the Library. In our college, one of the primary sources for a student is Library. It consists of plenty of books (Academic&Non academic, competitive, Magazines, Journals). Most of my subject lectures are always to suggest me to reach my goal, especially in my degree first, and I grabbed the opportunity to take the CRT classes, which are very useful to my career in the long run. I have improved all the aptitude techniques. In my degree, II year Naveen reddy sir specially invited Mack institute team members for the improvement of the communication skills of the student. So in my graduation time, I utilized every activity provided by the college, and today I’m here because NSV gives the only foundation. Very proudly saying that I’m the NSVs Pupil.


Vishaka (2016-2019)

I am thrilled to share my journey of Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) at NSV Degree College. Here the atmosphere is full of motivation, self-learning, and practical learning like seminars, workshops. The best thing about being a student here is the number of additional opportunities that are available here to get a professional life. I will recommend this place to all the students to show the best platform for the best career as well as this is the place where One Learns More Than One Can Expect.

Boga Arjun (2012 -2015)

Boga Arjun

Associate Functional consultant at Techno Brain Pvt Ltd

I pursued my graduation in NSV DEGREE COLLEGE from 2013 to 2016. I had a good experience with this college, well-qualified faculty provided by management. I learned and enjoyed a lot here, a lot of cultural programs and motivational seminars conduct ed by college, proper caring for students, and progress updated to their parents. Well equipped labs and good trainers provided. Awareness of Common Entrance Tests, I have seen a lot of progress in my three years of experience. Associate Functional consultant

Gunudarapu Ramya

Gundarapu Ramya (2013-2016)

Assistant Statistical Officer – Govt of Telangana

NSV is the multi-tasking educational society which boosts up the confidence levels in the student regarding subjects, higher education, and communication skills by conducting different programs not only in studies also in curriculum activities. The faculty of NSV is a kind of Big Ideal.

Bathula Uma (2013-16)

Bathula Uma

JL in Mathematics at Ts Gurukulam

Nsv is an outstanding college that brings the hidden talent in a student. The faculty was excellent. They are always supportive of students for higher education and help to improve the communication skills that make a student feel proud as an NSV student.