Dr .Mudhuganti Naveen Reddy Garu

Sri. MUDUGANTI NAVEEN REDDY Garu, is a Commerce Post Graduate having experience as Lecturer and Principal of Various Reputed Junior Colleges, apart from this rather looking for a development in his career in industry or business thought of setting up an educational society. It was in 2006 that Vashista Sri Educational Society made a humble beginning by establishing a NSV Degree College with three Courses, namely B.Com Gen, B.Sc M.P.C and B.Sc M.P.Cs. apart with 64 students registering in the first batch.
His dynamic vision of Giving Good quality of Education and imparting Educational & technical skills to the Students society of Jagtial Division and make them to grab Jobs in Public and Private Sectors.
In his Diligent, Disciplinary Guidance College is achieving many strides in the past decade, now college is running with 9 disciplines and more than 2500 students, moving to unreachable heights in the North Telangana Region.
Apart from N.S.V. Degree College, Sir is under taken the Sri Vidya Nikethan Degree College(Proposed as N.S.V. Womens Degree College) for women education and empowerment.
          He is ideal for many of the teachers and students to reach their heights and goals in their career.